West Texas Meats Custom Processing

The Campbell family got our start in the meat business right here in Seagraves back in the early 1960’s at a small custom processing facility called the Seagraves Locker Plant. West Texas Meats is proud to carry on the family tradition of friendly service and attention to detail.

 Here at our brand new, state inspected facility, we work hard to ensure that all the meat we process complies with high quality and safety standards through the use of approved HACCP, SSOP, and Humane Handling procedures.

 We will make every effort to harvest your animal on your schedule. We only ask that you call ahead and let us know when you would like to schedule your appointment.

All livestock delivered to us must be in good health, able to stand and walk in on their own.

 The standard cut and wrap fee includes basic cuts, double wrapping with plastic and butcher paper, and ground meat packaged in plastic bags. Your meat is then boxed and frozen. We ask that you pick up your meat within 30 days of the day you dropped off your animal to avoid storage fees.

Vacuum packaging is available upon request. Home delivery is also available within a limited area.

Effective 1/3/17 there will be a $1/box/day charge for any meat left over 30 days. Any meat left past 90 days without prior arrangements will be disposed of. Thanks From the Management of West Texas Meats LLC. 

Here at West Texas Meats we will work hard to earn your business!!

  • Custom Beef Processing
  • $.85 /lb Hanging weight for basic cut and wrap
  • $40.00 Kill fee
  • $100.00 Deposit required.

  • Custom Hog Processing
  • $.85 /lb- hanging weight for basic cut and wrap
  • $40.00 Kill fee
  • $100.00 Deposit required
  • Cured/ Smoked Meats $1.00 lb (cooked weight)

  • Custom Lamb and Goat Processing
  • $100.00 basic cut and wrap
  • $40.00 Kill fee
  • $50.00 Deposit required

25 lbs. of raw meat is needed to make 1 batch of Sausage or Jerky 
 Smoked SausagePrice per lb.
 Regular $1.50
 Polish $1.50
 Hotlinks $1.75
 Jalapeno $1.75
 Jalapeno with Cheese $2.00
Summer Sausage 
Jalapeno with Cheese$2.00
Vacuum Packaging$.75
Jerky (price is calculated on raw weight)$7.00